Highest Quality Lawn & Pest was founded by a degreed horticulturist over 20 years ago to provide excellent lawn care in Medford and surrounding areas. Our focus on customer-first service endures to this day, including making sure all of our technicians are rigorously screened, licensed, and regularly trained. We go above and beyond standard lawn services to make sure our customers get the best.

When you trust the local experts at Highest Quality with your lawn, you can expect:

  • Seven liquid fertilizer applications made to be easily absorbed by your turf.
  • Weed control with better coverage than granular methods.
  • Grub control to defend your lawn from root-destroying larvae.
  • Curative crabgrass control for targeted weed eradication.

Top-Notch Service Standards

At Highest Quality Lawn & Pest, we hold ourselves to the foremost industry standards. We’re committed to keeping up with the latest trends in lawn care, and only use the best products and equipment. When you trust us with your lawn, you can rest assured your turf is getting the finest care.

As a locally owned company, we’re proud to serve our neighbors including customers who have stayed with us since starting out in 2000. Our technicians are highly trained and knowledgeable about common lawn concerns in Medford, so you can count on us for informed lawn services. Contact us today for top-quality lawn care service within 24 hours of your call!

Lawn Aeration in Medford, MA

Over time, soil gets packed down due to weather conditions and foot traffic. Your lawn may become hard while grass starts to thin out as it struggles to access essential nutrients with constricted roots. If you’re noticing thatch patches and weak grass, it’s time for liquid aeration from Highest Quality Lawn.


Aeration is the process of loosening soil so that grass roots can access all the elements it needs to thrive. Liquid aeration transforms soil on a chemical level with a treatment sprayed onto your lawn. At Highest Quality Lawn & Pest, we use a research-proven combination of aeration treatments that open up tight soil to improve rooting and give you more vibrant turf. We follow up aeration with seeding while the soil is primed for absorption. The result is a resilient lawn that’s renewed from root to tip.

The benefits of our aeration and seeding service in Medford include:

  • Improved resistance to grass diseases.
  • Grass that outcompetes weeds.
  • Breaking down dry thatch.
  • Filling in sparse areas.
  • A thicker, better looking lawn!

Insect Control in Medford, MA

In addition to making your yard uncomfortable, many insects have the potential to destroy your turf. If you notice your grass randomly yellowing and drying, you may have a surface insect problem. Our lawn insect control in Medford gives you the peace of mind that your yard and your family are well-protected from infestations on your home turf.

When you choose outdoor insect control from Highest Quality Lawn & Pest, you’ll get a six-step program of preventative treatments. Our highly-trained technicians will apply a product to kill turf-destroying insects, including the infamous chinch bug. Not only will our program kill these insects, but it also protects your lawn in the future to keep grass healthy and vibrant. 

If you’re concerned about insects getting inside your home, we also offer perimeter pest control. This protective treatment keeps insects like ants, fleas, ticks, and more outside of your house and away from the foundation. 

For expert insect control that’s been trusted for over 20 years, call our team at Highest Quality Lawn & Pest!

Liming Services in Medford, MA

At Highest Quality Lawn & Pest, we understand how the health of the soil affects the health of your lawn. It may seem like you don’t have control over the quality of soil on your property, but don’t lose hope. Our lawn care professionals can help when it comes to improving soil conditions for lush, healthy grass. 


Our liming services in Medford directly address pH imbalances in soil. Symptoms of unbalanced soil include:

  • Weak growth
  • Washed-out color
  • Insect infestation
  • Lawn moss
  • Reoccuring lawn diseases
  • Weed overgrowth


If your lawn is experiencing these symptoms, it’s definitely time for liming treatment. Our knowledgeable technicians will customize applications to your lawn’s chemical composition using soil samples. They’ll nurse your soil back to health by applying the ideal combination of limestone, calcium, and magnesium based on your lawn’s needs. 

This comprehensive soil treatment results in fewer weeds and a healthier lawn that absorbs water and fertilizer better than ever. Your turf will grow stronger and more resistant to climate stress. If your lawn is looking sickly despite your best efforts, contact Highest Quality Lawn & Pest to schedule soil evaluation for customized liming treatment.