Should Liming Be a Part of Your Lawn Care Routine?

Is your Manchester, NH yard experiencing weak growth? Has it been consistently falling victim to lawn diseases and not responding to fertilizer treatments? Your soil may be suffering from a pH imbalance. Here at Highest Quality Lawn & Pest Inc, we recognize the importance properly balanced soil plays in ensuring your turf, trees and landscape receive the nutrients they need to stay healthy. Unbalanced soil is unable to properly absorb fertilizer or weed control, preventing the roots from receiving the nutrients they need and resisting invasive weeds.

Symptoms of pH Imbalance Include:

  • Weak growth
  • Washed-out  turf color
  • Reoccurrence of diseases
  • Insect infestation
  • Overgrowth of weeds
  • The presence of lawn moss
  • Failure to respond after treatment with fertilizer

How Our Liming Service Can Help Your Lawn

Our skilled technicians perform a soil test from your lawn at the beginning of each season, taking six soil samples across your property. These combined soil samples detail the amount of pH in your soil along with the amount of limestone needed for proper balancing. Adding lime can help neutralize your soil, bringing it back to its healthy state, while the calcium and magnesium it includes can help improve and preserve its color. But the benefits of liming do not stop there. Additional improvements to your lawn include:

  • Improvement in nutrient absorption
  • A healthier root system
  • A decrease in weed growth
  • Plant growth
  • Soil cleansing
  • Toxicity removal
  • Protection from climate stressors

We Put Customers First

At Highest Quality Lawn & Pest, we put customers first. Our owner is a certified turf grass manager with over 30 years of experience in the lawn care industry. We provide only the highest quality service and results. If you believe your soil needs to be tested, or you already have acidic soil and need liming, contact us today.

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