If insects are one of your main concerns when it comes to your lawn, our team at Highest Quality Lawn & Pest, Inc. can put your mind at ease. Insects may infest your lawn causing problems and killing plants. An easy way to determine if you may have an insect problem is if you notice your grass yellowing or dying. If you see this, you need insect control from Highest Quality Lawn & Pest, Inc.

Diseases can be spread by fleas and ticks and other issues may arise from them living on your lawn. For our outdoor insect control, we offer a six-step program. This is a preventative product put down in advance to kill turf destroying insects such as chinch bugs. Many of our customers ask why they may need this service and we have a simple answer for them. The reason all lawns need a form of preventative insect control is that you need to protect your lawn from turf-destroying insects. Once an infestation begins they are much harder to get rid of than prevent. Insect control will keep your lawn vigorous and beautiful. With our insect control, you can put your mind at ease. You don’t have to worry about your loved ones and family pets being on your lawn anymore.

Take back your lawn with our outdoor insect control! We will make your lawn a safer place for your loved ones and pets. In addition to our six-step program, We also offer perimeter pest control. The perimeter pest control keeps insects like ants, fleas and ticks, and other insects from getting into the house. This keeps the insects outside of the foundation of the house. If you are worried about a flea and tick problem or you’re in the need of perimeter pest control services, call us today to speak to one of our certified and highly-trained lawn care technicians. We are experts when it comes to insect control. Our customers have counted on us for 20 years to help keep their lawns full of life. Call us now for great insect control.