Pest Control in Nashua

When was the last time you secured a pest control company that could take care of not only your pests but lawn and ice melt? In other words, all the regional issues are important to Nashua residents. At Highest Quality Lawn and Pest Care it’s what we do all day, everyday. We won’t just cut your grass and spray for bugs. We’ll take care of your pest issues where they start, on the lawn! Proper maintenance of the outside is something your home will benefit from. 

Ice Melt in Nashua, NH

We are a unique pest control and lawn care company that handles your ice melt. We offer Green methods to eliminate ice melt and save your grass and plants from damage. We know just what deicing chemicals to use for your situation. Our methods are safer and far more effective than DIY ice removal methods. Call us in time to book your ice melt procedure today. 


Lawn Care in Nashua, NH

Your lawn is affected by many different elements throughout the year. Especially here in Nashua. Our state, in fact, has challenges due to extreme weather conditions. Both pests and lawn care issues arise and can prove too much for you to handle on your own. We suggest a monthly and seasonal plan for pest control and lawn care that is appropriate for the seasons as well as what you have chosen to put in your garden. Each lawn and the needs thereof, is unique to each resident here. We have the highest quality of pest control for home and garden in the region. With affordable plans to suit you and your lawn care needs you’re safe with us.